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24 October 2009 @ 11:00 pm
okay, so i don't post here too much anymore... i should tho. but i've decided that i should put the news stuff i wanna share here instead of facebook (but i don't know who even reads this anymore)

anyway, here's a couple stories...

Is hope in Obama fading?

Bono: Why I believe in Obama

"America is not just a country but an idea, a great idea about opportunity for all and responsibility to your fellow man.

All right - I don't speak for the rest of the world. Sometimes I think I do - but as my bandmates will quickly point out, I don't even speak for one small group of four musicians.

But I will venture to say that in the farthest corners of the globe, the world wants to believe in America again."

i think this sums up things quite well and i think bono's right. the world wants america to overcome. america has long been a country of ideals - 'freedom and justice for all' - but we seem to have lost it in the last decade or so with all these petty disagreements and so much fear of EVERYthing (tho it's probably been coming on for a lot longer). and i believe it's rather unfair to blame obama for not curing all that's wrong with america in the first 9 months of his administration. there's so much to be done and so much to overcome in the process. it's gonna take years but it seems that america's love of instant gratification is starting to win.... i wish people would realize that things are starting to go in the right direction, even if it will be a while before we see real results.
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